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Do you want to take ownership of your life, your work, and your relationships? Do you want a better life experience? Do you want to be happier or have the power to make changes? Then I welcome you to check … Continue reading

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“When you judge yourself and don’t like what you see, you treat those closest to you like crap.” This isn’t a quote from a celebrity, or one of those profound one-liners on a poster. It came out of the mouth … Continue reading

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Responsibility is found in every aspect of Christopher’s teachings, and The Responsibility Process™ as well as The Leadership Gift™ Program have been fully integrated into my career and my personal life — or so I thought. There was one more aspect … Continue reading

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Teamwork should no longer be considered a group skill. It’s an individual skill and a responsibility of everyone in the work place. After already giving you 5 Reasons for Taking Responsibility for Your Team’s Performance, I want to share 9 … Continue reading

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Are you tired of hearing, and maybe even saying, “I got put on a bad team?” I am. It’s the most common excuse for non-performance I hear from highly skilled professionals. I firmly believe that teamwork should no longer be … Continue reading

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Who can exhibit leadership? Anyone. Anytime. It’s leadership behavior that’s crucial to teams, not an assigned leader. Leadership is an emergent behavior (i.e., it emerges in a context of need or opportunity, rather than is assigned or part of a … Continue reading

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When I ask business leaders and IT professionals about their experience of teamwork effectiveness — and I’ve asked thousands in 20+ years as a consultant and speaker — I get a consistent “so-so” response. So what will it take to … Continue reading

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Are you unhappy or frustrated at work? Have you thought this about your team: “I can’t be responsible for the quality of my team’s efforts.” “Getting on a good team is mostly a matter of luck.” “If I’m part of … Continue reading

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Awake in the middle of the night, I arose for a cup of go-back-to-sleep tea and found Alan Weiss’s newsletter Balancing Act® in my in-box. Alan Image of Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weissis the best-selling author of Million Dollar Consulting wherein he tells how to make a million dollars a year as a solo consultant with no employees and thus low overhead, so you get to keep the entire million and don’t have to manage anyone. I’m not there, but I have been on his mailing list for years now and I enjoy a love/hate relationship with Weiss. More about that below. Continue reading

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