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Life transitions is the topic of a good personal development post on Edward Collozzi’s blog (despite the readability challenge for me of bold white text on blue background). I commented that I liked how he framed a transition as beginning … Continue reading

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CONTEXT? What’s context? It’s the set of circumstances that shapes an event, as in, “You’ve got to understand the context.” In meetings, most of us react blindly to context — but people who really know team building craft it! An … Continue reading

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Don’t try to motivate others. That sounds counter-intuitive and goes against what we’ve been taught we should do. Why? It’s far more effective to tap into the motivation that’s already in people. Most of us operate under the assumption that … Continue reading

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How do you avoid losing trust in your team? It is as simple as cleaning up all broken agreements at your earliest opportunity, but how do you manage that? If the recipe for TRUST in team building is to make … Continue reading

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Are you willing to be completely response–able: for yourself? for a family? for a process, team or department? for the entire company? for a church or community effort or project? for a neighborhood or city? for a state for a … Continue reading

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Why is it so hard to build a well-functioning team? Often it is because we’re looking in the wrong place for answers. The most important game may be the one you aren’t even seeing. I’ll share a critical secret for success. … Continue reading

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Everyone says they want to be on a winning team. And nobody ever says they want to be on a lousy team. So how come we end up on frustrating teams much of the time? Here are the steps you … Continue reading

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Do you make simple, direct requests of other people, or do you concoct complex, indirect expectations? Many years ago, long before I knew the value of a simple, direct request, a mentor told me that every time I came to … Continue reading

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When I ask business leaders and IT professionals about their experience of teamwork effectiveness — and I’ve asked thousands in 20+ years as a consultant and speaker — I get a consistent “so-so” response. So what will it take to … Continue reading

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A friend from Prague sent this poem recently. I’d seen it before. He said it reminds him of the Responsibility Process. And for me it illuminates the emotional side of learning and change. AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN FIVE SHORT CHAPTERS from There’s … Continue reading

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