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A while ago, I had the opportunity to accept — or decline — two new business relationships (one as a board member and one in a business venture). As I listened to my internal dialogue about the two propositions, I … Continue reading

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Last week Dan Mezick (agile coach, CEO of New Technology Solutions Inc., and AgileBoston volunteer extraordinaire) and I sat down “together” (on the phone) to talk about people and interactions at work. Dan wanted to pick my brain about the Creating Results-Based Teams … Continue reading

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Imagine my delight when I saw Scott Dunn’s twitter post yesterday. I knew my topic last week at Agile 2011 was hot when 212 people crowded into a room with 200 chairs and then stayed energized for 3.5 hours! The … Continue reading

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I don’t know why people seldom end relationships well. Maybe it’s because we all want so much to win — and endings threaten us with losing. Maybe we’re annoyed that we don’t know how to derive any more mutual benefit … Continue reading

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Wow!  A second group of IT leaders from a major retailer in the San Francisco Bay area AGAIN valued the Creating Results-Based Teams workshop they attended. Here’s their internal survey results. Here’s the results from the first group. Break through problems, … Continue reading

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The other day I received an interesting e-mail from a mom and IT professional who was inquiring about my ideas for teaching personal responsibility to kids. We felt our exchange could be worth sharing with you: Hi Christopher, I found … Continue reading

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To prevent ourselves from spewing judgements and harm in productive relationships, traditional wisdom admonishes to “not judge.” But not judging is an improbable — if not impossible — action for all but the most emotionally and spiritually developed of us. … Continue reading

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Who can exhibit leadership? Anyone. Anytime. It’s leadership behavior that’s crucial to teams, not an assigned leader. Leadership is an emergent behavior (i.e., it emerges in a context of need or opportunity, rather than is assigned or part of a … Continue reading

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Team Leadership Can Flourish in an Upset — But Only if You Know How to Respond Blast yourself and your team out of the excuse-mentality by treating every UPSET as an opportunity to learn how to improve your team building … Continue reading

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Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. ~ Chinese Proverb Are you more committed to coping or to growing? It’s a choice you make everyday, even if instinctively rather than intentionally. (Note: this is part … Continue reading

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