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Laura writes. I’m interested in your new offering of an online immersion course. Right now we are in Thailand, so the times for the classes are pretty 

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Matthias from Germany asks “What do the colors mean?” I’ll tell you…  

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When you’re coping you’re not leading. In this video we summarize an hour-long webinar in five minutes. We could summarize it in three words: Leadership is Responsibility.

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My own blunder offered a perfect opportunity to review this clear approach to owning and cleaning up one’s relationship messes.     Share your apology tips in a comment.   Read The Responsibility Process in paperback or on Kindle or iBooks. Contact us to order in volume for your event, … Continue reading

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Accountability is the first tool of management. And, a billion-dollar consulting industry exists to teach organizations how to drive accountability into the organization. But I’ve noticed this: the more successful consultants and trainers are at driving accountability into your organization, … Continue reading

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Accountability vs Responsibility. What is the relationship between these two important words? What do they mean? How do I get it right at work?

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Christopher here: I’m pleased to welcome Alex Raymond, Founder and CEO of Kapta* as a guest blogger. Alex develops systems that promote personal responsibility and transparency at work. Now here’s Alex… We’ve all heard the expression, “The right hand doesn’t … Continue reading

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Some people have a strong distaste for consensus. They say it takes too much time. They describe the painful details of the myriad ways in which group members polarize on issues and then threaten to use their veto power when … Continue reading

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Can you believe it — the holidays are here, again. The change of a calendar year can be a wonderful time to acknowledge the investment required to maintain growth and development, including the quality of your relationships at work. One … Continue reading

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One of my clients for the Managed Leadership Gift Adoption program is generating fun and creative ways to promote the Leadership Gift throughout its organization — and across functional and department lines into other units to spread the word. Here’s a poster … Continue reading

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