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Mexico’s Executive Leaders Study Responsibility Redefined

Here’s a short video of executive leaders in Mexico City studying Responsibility Redefined™ with me this week. The video is only 40 seconds long. At the end you’ll see the Responsibility Process™ poster in Spanish…


I’ve been invited to Mexico City and Monterrey (a northern industrial city in the state of Nuevo Leon) many times in recent years. With their passionate nature, maybe Mexican leaders will be faster than leaders in other countries to embrace Responsibility Redefined™.

I was teaching a 2-day workshop called Mastering Personal Agility for Executives. I was embraced warmly by these 40 men and women executive leaders. Most had never heard of Responsibility Redefined™ and were inspired by what they learned about how to take responsibility for their life, teamwork, and situations.

The workshop producer was Cutter Latin America, the Latin arm of the Boston-based think tank I work with.

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