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We’re now The Responsibility Company

I have much to report. It’s been a while.  I intend to be brief here, reporting just enough for now, and then write follow-on blogs. I’m back, mostly I was pretty sick for about three years, from 2015 into 2018. I was seriously down, but not out. I still have some lingering effects. Someday I’ll tell […]


How agile leaders improve results with The Responsibility Process

  This post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.   Are your agile efforts missing something, but you can’t put your finger on it? Perhaps The Responsibility Process can help. No business sector enjoys wider adoption of The Responsibility Process (described below) than the


The Responsibility Process Leading and Coaching workshop

Now offering Train-the-Trainer Certification. Details below. Do People Around You Waste Valuable Time And Energy NOT Taking Ownership For Obvious and Important Problems? You strive to be efficient but lose a lot of time to resistance and defensiveness around you You want to improve productivity but keep rehashing old issues You try to introduce change but […]


How I Practice Responsibility

  Among the most important things I’ve learned is this: The Responsibility Process works only when self-applied. (If you have heard this before, and I hope you have, it is always worth revisiting.) What this means is that knowledge about The Responsibility Process doesn’t 


The Responsibility Process Works Only When Self-Applied

Excerpted from The Responsibility Process by Christopher Avery.   It is a thousand times easier to see The Responsibility Process at work in others than in ourselves. Remember this. It is one of the most important principles for practicing responsibility. Most people, when introduced to The Responsibility Process, start applying it to others in their […]


Key 1: The Intention to Operate From Responsibility

Excerpted from The Responsibility Process by Christopher Avery.   The first key to Responsibility is Intention. Specifically, it is your Intention to operate from the mental state of Responsibility when things go wrong. Operating from any other mental state means coping with the problem rather than owning and solving it. Only in Responsibility can you […]


At last “The Responsibility Process” is published

For ten years people have asked when I would write the book on The Responsibility Process. It is done. The Responsibility Process was published last Friday (Amazon). Read advance praise from early reviewers. Here’s an excerpt from the


Statistician Links Personal Responsibility to Leadership Effectiveness

I reported this in yesterday’s broadcast of Christopher’s Insights. It is worthy of a spot here too. (Sign up for Insights, i.e., timely news and updates, at the top right of my home page) I was pleased to see noted leadership development expert Joseph Folkman’s study in Forbes showing how much more effective managers are when they […]


Red Solo Cups and Responsibility – Leadership is a Choice #17

Jessica Soroky continues her series Leadership is a Choice. The elevator door opened on the 30th floor and revealed a whole new world. A world that resides at the top of the place I call home Monday through Friday. Where typical office walls are used just a few floors below, this floor is immaculate. A […]


Responsibility Across Generations – Leadership is a Choice #5

Jessica Soroky continues her series Leadership is a Choice. There has been a break in reality between the baby boomers and Generation X management and the new influx of Generation Y workers about how to be successful in the workplace. I have become fascinated by generational research, the studies showing how different the world was […]

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