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Leadership Skills: 5 Secrets to Shared Purpose

I have studied and taught the most effective ways people collaborate for over 20 years. Here are 5 secrets I want you to know about — they help the best leaders discover common goals that unite people to collaborate “on” purpose. 1. Establish shared clarity. Discuss the charter, the mission, the deliverables, and the outcome […]


Leadership Skills: Why Clarity is Your Source of Power

When was the last time you were on a team where the participants held different notions about their task? Lack of shared clarity about direction gets teams stuck! How fast did you make progress together? If your experience is like mine, not very fast. When there’s no strong agreement about the task at hand, it’s […]


Shared Clarity is the Source of Power for Successful Teamwork

New businesses should started with a business plan — the same goes for teamwork: articulating the common outcome so every team member is working toward the same goal is crucial before the work starts. To move forward together, you need to establish shared clarity. Lack of shared clarity about direction is often the cause of […]


Debunking Team-Building Myths – Part 1

Rather than “do” the team-building for them, I prefer for individuals and groups to intentionally build themselves into teams using simple, easily learned, and reliable strategies when I teach the The Leadership Gift™.


Leadership Skills: How to Go Fast in Teams by Starting Slow

A while ago, I had the honor of supporting several work groups engaged in mission-critical, exciting projects. In each case, as part of preparing for these encounters, people inside the organizations told me something like this: “The people in this group have huge performance pressures and will want to get right into the issues. They […]


Teamwork Basics: Creating Positive Interdependence in Groups

“Outcome interdependence” (i.e., linked fates or the feeling of being in the same boat together) — not interpersonal attraction or the quality and quantity of communication — is the number-one predictor of group cohesion and thus high-performance teamwork. In general, managers and leaders foster way too many feelings of negative interdependence in their organizations. That […]


Collaborative Leadership Basics, Part 4: Keys to the Boat — Generating Positive Interdependence in Groups

Originally published by Cutter Consortium 5 October 2006. Republished by permission. by Christopher M. Avery, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium In my last Advisor ("Collaborative Leadership Basics, Part 3: Get in the Same Boat Together


Leadership Skills: How to Keep the Team’s Main Thing the Main Thing

The main thing great team leaders do is to keep the team’s main thing the main thing. In my latest post, I told you what great team leaders do: they get everyone on the team feeling like they are in the same boat together. This is strongly supported by anecdotal evidence and empirical research. For […]


Leadership Skills: How to Lead in Tough Times

Times are tough, they just are. Many people, probably some in your company or team, are struggling to pay their bills or with finishing an important project. 4 Tips for Leading During Tough Times 1. Shared Clarity When the direction isn’t clear, people mark time. No one wants to look foolish by asking, so they […]


Leadership Skills: All it Takes is One – And That Can Be You

All it takes is one person to invite a group to be a team. One person can ask for shared clarity about the collective task before members assume individual assignments. One person can ask others “What’s in it for you to be on this team this time?” One person can request personal promises that support […]

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