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Responsibility Redefined Missions 39, 40, and 41 for 2007

A few months ago I started counting each mission I made out into the field to introduce, teach, or advance the practice of Responsibility Redefined with some group. Since my last post, woefully long ago, we've accomplished three missions. Global Educators Academy, Mission #39 A small group of consultants, software developers, investors, CEO's, parents, and […]


Mission 38—Can you hear me now? Wireless exec introduces 100 managers to Responsibility Redefined

I'm the VP now and I get to decide what messages my people hear I've just returned from the new South Point Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas where I spent two days with 100 managers of one of the major US wireless providers. It was Mission #38 for 2007 and turned out to be […]


2007 Mission 36 — keynote impresses Agile Business Conference

The afternoon of 3 October found me in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference center near Trafalgar Square in London keynoting Agile Business Conference 2007. We'd been planning this Responsibility Redefined mission for many months. As you may know, the "agile" movement in software development, project leadership, and business is a major interest of mine. My […]


2007 Mission 35—Responsibility Redefined Supports Good to Great Leadership

Last week in the Southern California mountain resort town of Lake Arrowhead a small group of senior leaders came together to launch their trek toward building a great company. I was honored to support them. And they were thrilled with their experience and the results of their meeting. Here’s what my client reported to me […]


Knowledge Team Leadership Boulder Was Mission 34

Wow, it’s been a long time.  Last week in Boulder, Colorado, was spectacular.  We had a lively group of project leaders, IT managers, and a software dev start-up VP for Knowledge Team Leadership. For me the highlight of the week was being in Rally Software Development company headquarters and working with Agile University, Rally’s new […]


Missions 32 & 33 accomplished

I was home last week. Thank goodness… Catching up, resting a bit, spending some time with my family, getting ready to teach Knowledge Team Leadership in Boulder this week, and still pursuing the vision. While here I got to spend a whole day with an IT leadership team in the academic health science field. I […]


Mission accomplished!

I’m home from Washington DC and off again to San Francisco. I completed Missions 28, 29, & 30 for 2007 while in Washington DC, and will complete Mission 31 in San Francisco this week. I decided this year to begin thinking of each opportunity to speak and teach about the Responsibility Process™ as a separate […]


Kimchi’s story: Learning to Live Life Loud

We’re sharing your stories. More on that below. First, here’s another compelling one… Live Life Loud! Kimchi Pursues, Finds, and Spreads Freedom “FREEDOM is very important to me. I would sacrifice my life, wealth, marriage, and status for freedom. “You see, in my Asian culture, the word “responsibility” often equates to “duty” or “obligation”.  To […]


Ideas for friends helping announce the next Immersion Cohort

August 2020 UPDATE – The next 20-week live semester starts January 13, 2021. Most of the info below applies. I also posted two videos (playlist) about how to: login to the Referral Partner center, find and choose the custom URLs to use, and build campaign-tracking links so you can see results of experiments. This post is […]


The Responsibility Process Leading and Coaching workshop

Now offering Train-the-Trainer Certification. Details below. Do People Around You Waste Valuable Time And Energy NOT Taking Ownership For Obvious and Important Problems? You strive to be efficient but lose a lot of time to resistance and defensiveness around you You want to improve productivity but keep rehashing old issues You try to introduce change but […]

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