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Does Developing Your Innate Leadership Improve Agility?

According to research, a top 5 reason for executive failure is the refusal to see and deal with reality.1 Imagine that. Executives can be so sure of their plan that they blind themselves to threats and forces that they could see if they were willing and open to seeing them. I’m guessing this is not […]


Agility and The Shocking Truth about Getting the Plan Right

If you care about adding value at work, invest  7 valuable minutes in this TED video… Some questions I’m asking… Is “agility” more about process and tools, or thinking and learning? Is “perfecting the plan” a learned assumption? And if so, what are the sources for this learning? How do you expose and challenge your […]


Effective Leadership Agility

Effective leadership skills suggest we should always be willing to investigate ourselves as much as any other reasoned breakdown in communication. Communication is what is received, not what is sent. This quotation should be a mantra for every effective leader. If we are communicating through our actions, our words, or our policies — a message […]


What’s Your Personal Agility Quotient?

(Published in Responsibility eTips, January 25, 2008. Subscribe) My comments on “personal agility” published in recent days by Agile University and the Cutter Consortium have people begging for more (so they can make up their mind about attending Knowledge Team Leadership of course!), so let’s speculate about what comprises your Personal Agility Quotient . . […]


Scaling or Not, Agile Dynamics Beat Agile Mechanics Time After Time — Or, What’s Your Personal Agility Quotient?

(originally published 24 January 2008 by the Cutter Consortium Agile Email Advisor) by Christopher M. Avery, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium Activate Your Personal Agility Christopher Avery wants to be your personal agility coach. Please accept this invitation for priority access to a FREE live 70-minute tutorial “Master the Four Magical Skills that Activate Your Personal […]


More Buzz on Personal Agility and Responsibility

Portia Tung kindly commented on my recent post about the buzz on my Agile University article that she would like to see me present Responsibility Redefined at Agile2008. . . Gotta respond to a softball like that Hey Portia – thanks for the nudge, and for the kudos on Responsibility Redefined. I’ve been debating what […]


Agile University News features Personal Agility

My friends at Agile University tell me that my article in their January 10, 2008 email newsletter has been getting rave reviews. I make a simple case that most agile implementations could be dramatically improved by focusing first on "personal agility" and then on agile tools. You can read it here.



Christopher Avery is one of the world’s most outspoken and quoted authorities on personal Responsibility and how it affects leadership, teamwork, change, and happiness. An ownership mindset is critical to business agility. Avery brilliantly dissects how ownership (or the lack of it) works in the mind and what to do about it to lead yourself [...]

The Leadership Gift Program 2019 Teaching Team

Last semester we quietly experimented with a teaching team (as opposed to a single instructor). It was a hit! Why? You can learn so much from teachers other than Christopher. Why? Because they are


How agile leaders improve results with The Responsibility Process

  This post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.   Are your agile efforts missing something, but you can’t put your finger on it? Perhaps The Responsibility Process can help. No business sector enjoys wider adoption of The Responsibility Process (described below) than the

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