The Leadership Gift
If you're like most in fast-changing environments, you face an increasingly tense need to get things done fast with a high level of collaboration and yet people around you simply don't step up and take responsibility.

It’s a persistent problem, and just one of the many that The Leadership Gift™ has been helping managers, leaders, CEOs and coached over the last 25 years.

Whether you want to be more effective as an individual, team, or enterprise; be an amazing executive team, or build an unstoppable ownership culture that accelerates away from your nearest competitor, we can help.

How it Works:

The Leadership Gift Program is an online, self paced study program built completely on The Leadership Gift principles. It contains eight core modules of independent study, member-driven questions and answer conversations with Christopher, and special topic modules all recorded (and many transcribed) in downloadable MP3 and PDF format. You also participate in a worldwide support community with group coaching calls up to 4 times a month via phone or web. Support is also available anytime through the online members’ area and forums.

The program is subscription based, with monthly or annual subscriptions available. You can cancel at any time.

It was developed by popular demand for individuals who insisted we provide high-value low-cost access to the same powerful tools we deliver to corporations. The Leadership Gift Program serves enlightened individuals who want an anytime-anywhere-everywhere format.

The Leadership Gift will help you to
  •         Imagine finally understanding why people around you react the way they do, what is driving that behavior and how to predict what their likely next reaction will be.
  •         Progress on projects will start to accelerate, and execution times will shorten. Projects will accelerate as promised and you'll enjoy it again.
            As you begin to regain more and more control over your life and world, this wonderful sense of empowerment enables you to feel less and less like you “have to – but don’t want to”, 
  •         You’ll have a solution to get people and teams you work with to collaborate better and take up responsibility with reduced internal barriers. You’ll set up agreements in ways that mean they are more likely to succeed from the outset and you’ll know what to do when others do not come through on promises.
            Meetings will become far more effective and productive as conversations about stalled projects and initiatives focus on simply solving the real problems (especially the long-standing sticky ones). Better problem–owning skills mean new problems seemingly solve themselves 'on-the-fly' as they emerge.
            Reduced friction in your environment will mean that you’ll finally be more able to function positively. Anxiety and frustration will be less and less part of your conversations and a sense of calm will become part of your normal state of being.
            You’ll be much better equipped to stand in the heat of pressure, without losing your own effectiveness. Your new-found clarity in heated situations will make it easier to maintain positive and productive relations and also more able to 'fix' broken ones.
  •         That temptation to ‘escape’ or zone out fades as you start to enjoy being more engaged.

“One thing I noticed after studying The Responsibility Process® with my entire manufacturing is like business goes into hyper speed!!! We get on stuff and make things happen! We get off of "stuck" quicker. I don't even have time to type all of the wins! "
- Tom Houdeshell, CEO, Atek Plastics, Kerrvile, Texas

Our Approach

Try it on and see for yourself.

We provide straight-forward information and support services based on 25 years of applied research on how leadership minds work to keep us stuck or propel us forward. No should-based models (that everyone “should” learn in order to use the system together). No fluff or filler. There is no need or tolerance for it. No tips or tricks about how to manipulate others. Just profoundly effective thinking and communicating.

You’ll love our laid-back intentional style.

This is not a stuffy management or leadership training course, but rather a guided journey of the exact process your mind uses to overcome --or not overcome-- upsets in order to resolve problems, increase options and develop increasing degrees of freedom. You'll have time for moments of reflection and plenty of opportunity to apply this immediately to situations that are holding you back right now.

"Mastery has dramatically shortened my cycle time for decisions and problem-resolution. I'm experiencing better relationships with other leaders. We're not worried about laying blame any more, we are working with more integrity. We are getting things done quicker and disposing of problems that used to hang around forever."
- Joseph Thomas, Program Leader

The Leadership Gift™ Program 2015 Preview