The Leadership Gift
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Want To Dramatically Accelerate Your Effectiveness AND Find Profound Solutions To Persistent Problems?

Welcome to The Leadership Gift™. It works for CEO's, Executives, Leaders, Coaches and others looking to increase their sanity and effectiveness in environments of complexity and change.

If you're like most in fast-changing environments, you face an increasingly tense need to get things done fast with a high level of collaboration and yet people around you simply don't step up and take responsibility.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art field research conducted the last 25 years on the front-lines of leadership, CEO's, managers and coaches world-wide are slashing execution times while fundamentally increasing sanity, happiness and profitability.

  • Members of The Leadership Gift community are enjoying productivity increases from 200% to 500%
  • One CEO saw margins increase from zero to 24.5%
  • Executives and front line workers have seen their entire department saved from outsourcing through dramatically reduced costs through better collaboration.
  • The Leadership Gift Program members report much higher levels of happiness, sanity, and fulfillment through reduced friction and higher levels of ownership and engagement.
  • Partnerwerks™ has been researching and applying The Leadership Gift™ since 1991 to increase effectiveness, productivity, sanity, performance, and happiness.

    We've worked in the trenches with companies from fortune 500 down to privately owned

    Working in corporate trenches (from Fortune 500 to closely held) as well as with individual leaders and coaches, we enjoy a stellar record of other's success proving The Leadership Gift works across roles, levels, and industries.

    It can work for you too

    Find detailed information in this section of our web site about how you can become more profitable, increase your effectiveness, slash execution times, and increase sanity and happiness (for you and all of your teams).

    The next pages reveal who we work with, how The Leadership Gift Program works , our different programs and services plus case studies and success stories.