Many of Christopher’s in-person seminars and courses can be purchased in DVD and workbook formats to bring into your organization. The following workshops and information products are available for purchase. If you’re unsure which product could best help you or how to implement these tactics in your organization, contact Christopher for assistance.

How to Teach Responsibility to Anyone (and Master Your Life in the Process) (Audio)

Who it is for: Leaders, coaches, parents, teachers

What it is:  15 hours of live workshop recordings. Change lives by applying potent discoveries of the last 25 years about how responsibility really works in the mind.

Teamwork Is An Individual Skill (Book)

Who it's for: Leaders, members, coaches.

What it is: Now in its sixth printing, Christopher's classic tells the plain truth about how you can build any team at any time.

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Responsible Change (Executive Report PDF)

Who it's for: Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners, and leaders who shape business.

What it is: 28-page Executive Report Prepared for the Cutter Consortium. Christopher examines descriptive and prescriptive change, concludes the prevailing model of change "management" is broken, and provides an agile alternative.

Creating Results Based Teams — Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone (workshop)

Who it is for:Team Leaders, ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, professionals and execs

What it is: Public or private workshop intensive (2- or 3-day format). Learn, test, and apply a proven step-by-step team leadership framework for repeatedly building cohesive, high-performance dynamics and getting things done under conditions of shared responsibility.

The Responsibility Process ® Poster (PDF)

Who it's for: Everyone -- Leaders, team members, coaches, parents, teachers, and students.

What it is: Free PDF download of a full-color copy of The Responsibility Process poster. Print as many as you like and post them around home, school, and work. Cause some buzz.

The Leader's Guide (PDF)

Who it's for:Readers of Christopher's book Teamwork Is An Individual Skill

What it is:A free, 27-page PDF supplement that will direct you to the most important sections of the book based on your needs and will also help you review the book.

The Leadership Gift Program Free Preview

Who it's for: Leaders and coaches interested in The Leadership Gift™ Program for Leaders

What it is: A free, hour-long webinar. Christopher illustrates the magnitude and significance of The Leadership Gift to your growth and success, then reveals why and how leaders worldwide leverage The Leadership Gift Program, and how you can too.

Leading Agile Change for Executives: How to Tune Yourself and Your Organization to Thrive in Change, Complexity, and Uncertainty (workshop)

Who it's for: Executive leaders exposed to turbulence, complexity, and uncertainty.

What it is: Public or private workshop intensive. Learn and apply proven approaches for executing large scale change with agility.

Leading and Coaching People to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership (workshop)

Who it's for: Leaders and coaches who want people to step up to important problems now.

What it is:  Discover how to Lead and Coach People to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership while dramatically reducing cost and execution time.