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  • There is nothing easy about confront

    26 Jan 2015
    There is nothing easy about confront A guest post by Mike Edwards from his blog. In a past job I was tasked with helping teams improve. Long story short … one of the Directors would parachute into a team meeting occasionally and bully people into doing what he believed they should do. His behavior involved an adversarial tone & body language, banging fist on the table, and just[…]
  • The Thing

    19 Jan 2015
    The Thing Guest post from Jessica Soroky Late last year I completed an intention of immense importance to me, an epic win if you will.  I finished my year long commitment to blog each week.  In an attempt to enjoy the journey and not focus on the destination, I never thought about what I would do when I had met my intention. My[…]
  • Je suis Charlie

    14 Jan 2015
    Je suis Charlie   Albanian Prime Minister, former art teacher and artist Edi Rama carried three pencils at the anti-terrorism rally in Paris forming the French flag and displaying a sense of global responsibility. The post Je suis Charlie appeared first on Christopher Avery's The Leadership Gift™ Blog.
  • How do you practice compassion?

    12 Jan 2015
    How do you practice compassion? In her last guest post, Taking Risks to Grow, Cathy Laffan wrote about the benefits of taking risks, this week she examines compassion and The Responsibility Process™. How do you practice compassion? Do you reserve your compassion for certain people or situations? A few weeks ago a dear friend shared one of her upsets with me. She was feeling shame because[…]
  • Do Plans Abdicate Our Responsibility?

    5 Jan 2015
    Do Plans Abdicate Our Responsibility? Please enjoy this re-post from Mike Edward’s blog. We like Mike and think you will too. To read more from Mike see his blog.   For more than 10 years of my career I worked hard at being the best Project/Program Manager ever. I could bring a team together and work with them to devise the best plan ever. We[…]