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Thanks to Zeina Tahan and Marwan Jaber for the Arabic translation.

Brazilian Portuguese

Thanks to Alexandre Freire Kawakami for the Brazilian Portuguese translation.


Thanks to Dr. Marc Beckers and Dobromir Karamelski for the Bulgarian translation.


Thanks to Zuzana Sochova for the Czech translation.


Thanks to Yves Hanoulle and his colleagues Eva Lemaire and Corry Clybouw for the Dutch translation.


Christopher’s clients and students report that hanging the poster in their homes and offices where they will see it often supports them in practicing the three keys to responsibility: intention, awareness, and confront.


Thanks to Arto Eskelinen for the Finnish translation.


Thanks to Yves HanoullePhilippe Launay, @pablopernot and for the French translation.


Thanks to Dr. Marc Beckers and his colleagues for the German translation.


Thanks to Guy Nachimson for the Hebrew translation.


Thanks to Dadi Ingolfsson for the Icelandic translation.


Thanks to Erik Talboom, LoghaD and Ralph Fink for the Klingon translation.


Thanks to Lane Kagey for the Malay translation.


Thanks to the executive team at Thermal Dynamics for the Mandarin translation.


Thanks to Sergey Dmitriev for the Norwegian translation.


Thanks to Sywliusz Pytka for the Polish translation.


Thanks to Cátia Oliveira (@CatOliv) and also Joao Martins for the Portuguese translation.


Thanks to Oana Juncu for the Romanian translation. Thank Oana yourself via Twitter: @ojuncu 


Thanks to Sergey Dmitriev for the Russian translation.


Thanks to Dusan Kocurek for the Slovak translation.


Translation provided by Miguel Puerta


Thanks to Joakim Holm and his colleagues at Adaptiv for the Swedish translation.


What customers are saying:

"We have studied The Responsibility Process™ over the past 3 years to help educate our entire organization on personal and shared responsibility. And we have experienced dramatic results."
Thomas Houdeshell
ATEK Plastics
Kerrville, Texas
"Christopher, THANK-YOU!!! You have been a tremendous help!!

One thing that I noticed after your visits Christopher..... It is like business goes into hyper speed!!!

We get on stuff and make things happen! We get off STUCK quicker! I don't have enough time to type all of the wins! Thanks again!"
Thomas Houdeshell,
ATEK Plastics
"You were a hit! Without a question, we made the right choice in asking you to launch our national conference, and we look forward to working with you again.

It's a pleasure to engage someone who 'walks his talk."
Peter Jenkins,
JD, President,