Want to change the world?


Want much more from your work than a paycheck.

Do you:

  • Love our message (look to the right) and purpose, and find joy in contributing to it?
  • Prefer managing yourself, designing your own reality, and adding maximum value instead of being told what to do and how to do it?
  • Operate collaboratively (i.e., combine your talents with other's to make each other better)?
  • Work well with distributed team members and customers across time zones (Christopher travels extensively, our webmaster is in Asia, our editor is in New Jersey, our marketing guru is in Italy, and our clients are across the Americas and Europe)?

If so, then we want to know about you.


We are recognized experts in the inspiring new science of personal responsibility–we call it The Leadership Gift™.

Our purpose is promoting this knowledge to every corner of the world through teaching and application where it can enrich the lives of every human being at work, in relationships, and in life. 

Lines of business:

  • Corporate consulting and education,
  • Speeches, presentations, and workshops
  • Information publishing 
  • Online leadership development.

We are best known in information technology (IT) and agile project management. We expect rapid growth in the coming years and must improve our ability to administer operations so we can grow.



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UNIVERSITY RESEARCH SCHOLAR - Are you looking for a line of research that can get you published, cited, and provide interesting research opportunities for years to come (not to mention empower you in exceptional ways at the same time)? Christopher seeks sharp researchers to develop the academic research on The Responsibility Process® and The Keys to Responsibility™. The opportunities are many -- we need theorists and methodoligists, quantitative and qualitative folks, and scholars from across the social sciences and the world. Funding may be available for graduate students and other unestablished scholars. Use the contact form to say hello. 

COACH/FACILITATOR/TRAINER - We expect rapid worldwide growth in the coming years. Our scaling model is pretty straight-forward: Support smart ambitious change agents to change the world, then point them at the workshop and client opportunities we generate. The  learning and practice field is The Leadership Gift Program and its Accreditation Program.

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