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What if everything you've been told about RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY at work is WRONG?

Yes. The shocking truth is that good, smart people like you and me (and our teams) run into walls of resistance, defensiveness, and wasted thought and action caused by this confusion every hour of every day.

Whether you are a CEO, team leader, coach or individual contributor looking to INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS by 50 to 500%, this is for you. Find out why problems persist, projects stall, and collaborations fail. 

Yes, you can end the total-frustration blues for good, just like the leaders and coaches you will see in the videos below.

Judith-Mills109x109"350 people in 9 countries have become way more productive than we ever imagined. Today we produce twice the software with half the headcount."
-Judith Mills, VP Product Engineering Ops, CDC Software, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I'm Christopher Avery. If you don't have a rock-solid plan for your personal leadership development to take you to the next 2 or 3 levels and beyond, read this now.

I've invested the past 22 years as part of an applied research team discovering how personal responsibility -- the #1 principle of success in EVERY endeavor -- works in the mind. I have tested and applied my findings on the front lines of leadership in some of the world's greatest corporations. 

And now, you too can learn and apply this powerful information to your life, work, and relationships.

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On this groundbreaking webinar we reveal

  • The single most important skill-set you must master in order to get yourself, others, and your teams to move beyond drama and finger-pointing and get to a place of total problem ownership

  • The poorly understood leadership fact that personal responsibility is not the same as job accountability – and what to do about it to dramatically improve performance and sanity (yours and theirs)

  • The magic magnifying glass – I call it The Responsibility Process™ -- that empowers you to instantly know exactly where the real problem lies. Use this so you and your teams can feel true ownership. Apply this IN ANY SITUATION.

  • How agile and lean coaches and leaders use it to dissolve the problem of the gray area between roles and the anxiety created there – and instead collaborate to add value.
  • And how to master The Leadership Gift as well as become accredited to coach and mentor others.


Christopher Avery PhD
The Leadership Gift™ Master

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As you probably know, every success "guru" from Socrates to Jack Welch has told us that taking 100% responsibility is the first principle of success in any endeavor. The only problem is that no one ever explained HOW TO DO IT. 

Our research shows that individuals, teams, and entire organizations can generate from 50% to 500% or more improvement in business results AND have much more innovation, teamwork, and fun while doing it. 

But that's not all. I've also worked with privately held companies as well as individuals, entrepreneurs, and coaches. These groups generate the same results.

"We have simply become one of the top-performing injection molding companies in North America by any measure."
-Thomas Houdeshell, President, Vention Medical, Texas

The Beginning of the End to "I Have No Choice"

So many good and successful (on the outside) people feel completely trapped in lives and roles they don't want yet don't know how to change. On this no-cost webinar you will also learn how personal responsibility works in your mind (yes, and other's minds too) to keep you stuck or propel you forward and how to apply this breakthrough research so you can

  • Take charge of any situation
  • Overcome any challenge
  • Achieve success in any endeavor
  • While honoring the unique spirit in yourself and others

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