Will Smith on Living and Success

Actor Will Smith passionately espouses his philosophy for life and success in this well-crafted video. Numerous linkages to the Responsibility Process and Keys to Responsibility are evident. As you watch, listen for references to intention, awareness, and confront.

This video is evocative and inspirational to say the least. If it doesn’t inspire you to own who you are and step up your responsibility practice, what will?

Tip: Listen to Will’s first sentence in this video. 8 words. That phrase confronted me — as did many others. What will it take for you to say the same thing with the same conviction?

Comments please.

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One Response to Will Smith on Living and Success

  1. Awesome video with Will! He is so right on. Personal success is a decision; a decision to not fold under discouragement; to stay on task, heading towards the desired outcome without ambivalence. It also requires a high degree of responsibility to step into those decider shoes and to realize that no one else can grant or block your success.
    The resulting power and freedom in that is palpable in everything Will says.

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