Which are the Most Influential Leadership Meetings?

I just posted the following project at Guru.com: Guru.com connects employers with freelancers from many fields.

ID Influential Conferences/Meetings

This tiny project is Step 1 only, perhaps a couple of hours. There will be follow-on steps to generate proposals. For someone with “leadership development” domain expertise, this should be relatively easy.

I’m interested in identifying the top five to ten most influential associations, conferences, meetings, or organizations worldwide (both US and beyond). Why? So I can target these leadership development associations, conferences, meetings or organizations for speaking engagements either as a session presenter, or a keynote, and for networking. Why? So I can move toward my vision of seeing the Responsibility Process™ poster hanging in every office, classroom, church, and kitchen in the world.

By “influence” I mean the opportunity to seed the Responsibility Redefined™ message with leaders of all kinds who can adopt it and spread it, and with leadership development decision makers who can engage us to bring it into their leadership development training programs in corporations, government, military, education/university, and elsewhere.

I assume the following will be on the list:

My goal is to speak or present at five of these leadership development associations, conferences, meetings, or organizations next year. There is an annual cycle of submissions and selections, etc, so it requires some lead time.


What do you think? What are the most influential leadership development associations, conferences, meetings, or organizations that you know of?

Where would you like to see me presenting Responsibility Redefined in the near future?

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