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Leaders Guide to Radical ManagementI left a comment at Financial Agile in response to Jamie Dobson’s post reviewing The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management. The post and comment are about how much we (i.e., the world of management, organization, and leadership ) have or have not learned and progressed.

I recommend the review and interchange to you.

I was limited to 1000 characters there

So here’s a little of what I didn’t include:

My view comes from thirty years of studying and applying the sciences and arts of leadership, management, and organization. Through this thirty-year lens I see agile and lean as philosophies born of TQM (Total Quality Management, the life work of Edwards Deming). No wonder they go so well together. I realize there are plenty of other perspectives about the relationship of agile and lean, which is superior, which is the overarching umbrella, etc.

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