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Jessica Soroky continues her series Leadership is a Choice.   If you want to stop crappy things from happening “to you,” stop allowing crap. Demand more. If you don’t want below-the-line thoughts and behaviors, stop allowing them. Demand personal responsibility. … Continue reading

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As a child trust came naturally, so much so that my parents had to warn me about the scary people in the world that could take advantage of that trust. They made this warning rhyme, helping the conditioning take hold … Continue reading

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It is true, your ability to trust others depends less on what they do than on how well you can respond to what they do. Other people’s behavior teaches us how much we want to extend trust to them, but it … Continue reading

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In my last post, I wrote about the three keys for a trustworthy reputation: telling the truth, keeping your agreements, and standing by others under pressure. So you know how to make sure you are thought of as trustworthy. This … Continue reading

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Trust is a topic people can talk and write about endlessly, but the good news is that there are just a few truly important truths about it that are worth understanding and bringing into our daily practice. The primary determinant … Continue reading

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Trust depends on more than interpersonal dynamics: it’s also an intra-personal event. Whether we trust others or not actually has less to do with others than it does with our ability to respond to what others do. This is true … Continue reading

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