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A well-edited 30-minute video of me answering questions about the Responsibility Process, agile software development, leadership, and teamwork was just posted on InfoQ. The interview was conducted in September 2009 at the Agile2009 conference in Chicago. Thanks to InfoQ and … Continue reading

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Amr Elssamadisy, editor in chief of the Agile Journal, is a friend and colleague. I love his response in the November 2008 issue to the frequent question “How do I get person X to do action Y.” Read it here: … Continue reading

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Responsibility Redefined received a favorable mention last week at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto (even though I wasn’t there for the first time in years) and was written up in InfoQ: InfoQ: Touchy Feely Impediments to Agile Adoption I … Continue reading

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If you care about personal, team, and organizational agility, run—don’t walk—to buy Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success. Author Amr Elssamadisy has a rich background helping companies adopt agile practices. Amr has worked with Thoughtworks and Valtech (where … Continue reading

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People ask “Christopher, are you still working in agile project management, software development, and IT in general?” You bet! Just because demand for Responsibility Redefined™ is spreading to other areas (and especially to executive leadership!) does not mean I’ve left … Continue reading

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