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Slides from QCon presentation

I’m in San Francisco today at QCon where I gave a talk in the Being Agile track called Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: How to Build Any Team Any Time. Earlier posts about QCon should show up below in the Related Posts section.

I promised attendees that I’d post my slides here, so here they are: avery-buildanyteam1.

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7 Responses to Slides from QCon presentation

  1. Beverly says:

    I am really interested in these slides, but I can’t read all of the text. Some of it is very small and too low-resolution for me to enlarge in the PDF reader. Would you be willing to provide a one-slide per page version of this document?

  2. Hi Beverly – thanks so much for your feedback and for asking for what you want. I have created a new pdf and replaced the download link. This one is 2 slides per page rather than the 1 slide per page you requested. I am trying to manage file size. I did check this one and the text is much more readable. I hope it works better for you. I so appreciate you and your interest.

  3. Beverly says:

    These work much better for me! Thank you for honoring the spirit of my request.

  4. You are most welcome Beverly. Glad it works. And I’m sure others will benefit as well.

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  6. Robin says:

    Thanks for the slides- I’ve been tasked with conducting a Team/Working Together session for a meeting in August and have been scouring the internet for GOOD material to speak to- your slides provided me with a LOT of great information and through-provoking concepts.

  7. Hi Robin – thanks for your kind feedback. If you have not seen the video that goes with the slides, it is posted here

    Good luck with your presentation in August. I hope to see you in one of my programs one day — perhaps Knowledge Team Leadership or the Perfect Problem Breakthrough. Both available at

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