Leadership Success: Learn to Think Agile or Lose Your Job to an Agilist

I firmly believe that the software development movement — and now business movement — known as “agile” is a mindset and culture, not a set of tools and processes (see this related post). Agile coach Michael Sahota is writing a set of articles about agile and culture that are worth a look.

I summarized my thoughts in a comment on his blog post Agile Fits Better in Some Company Cultures Than Others.” In part, I said:

I love that agile thinking, lean thinking, Scrum, Kanban, WIP, TOC, complexity theory, all challenge people at work to think — some a little and others a lot — about what they are doing at work. I do believe the agile movement is causing a sizable shift world-wide at the level of individual discipline. I think it is beyond critical mass and irreversible. I tell my clients that if they – like me – came of age in a world of linear thinking (i.e., waterfall-like planning and execution), and they don’t embrace agile, it is very likely that someone who today is 30 years-old and has been practicing agile thinking for 8 or 10 years will soon be taking their job and running their department and company.

What do you think? Comment.

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