Leadership Development: Claiming Wins

Wow. Epiphanies and breakthroughs from The Perfect Problem Breakthrough Module 3 today  (A Leader Wills to Win: What Do You Want?). I call that “expanding your leadership power everyday.”

Claiming Wins

This feedback is gratifying. For instance Perfect Problem Breakthrough program member Tim, a business owner, sent me this note 43 minutes into the call. I’m sharing it with Tim’s permission:

two-models-table442x266“Your story about yourself jogging with your friend and having him ask you “have you gone past a win?”. This speaks to me. I’m married with a wonderful family. I have the home, automobiles, income, my own business, and all of the things that I imagined when I was younger when thinking about what my success would look like. But I’ve never felt like a winner. To this day – I’ve always felt like I’m still struggling to achieve something/anything in my life. I’ve never allowed myself to recognize a win. Recognizing a win has always felt arrogant or short sighted to me. What a huge mistake! I need to turn this around somehow. Again, I’m not sure how to change this chronic behavior. But I have to find a way.”

Can you identify with Tim’s Control Prison? And do you recognize his breakthrough (he called it an “epiphany” – an even better term)?

I bet you can.

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