Ask me anything, really

The questions were insightful for this second-Tuesday’s Ask Christopher Avery tele-seminar, the free, live (and recorded too!) tele-training where you control the content. How?

You ask questions. I answer them.

Go ahead. Try me. Ask me anything about personal or shared responsibility.

A data-base collects and identifies the most frequently asked questions during the month. I answer as many as I can. This week I addressed six. Here they are:

  1. How can I motivate myself to BE responsible when I just don’t feel like it? Whether it is lack of buy-in or I don’t think that the effort is meaningful or worthwhile.

  2. What about leadership? Can it be learned? Tell us about the individual skills of a leader.

  3. What would be the first three actions a staff person (field training consultant) could take to introduce Responsibility Redefined™ to a group virtually. I’m not in the same physical location as the customers I serve, and have very limited travel resources…

  4. How do you motivate business leaders to seek mastery of ‘responsibility’ when they are typically rewarded for demonstrating ‘accountability’ – assuming accountability does not equate to responsibility..

  5. What is the newest thing you have learned?

  6. You talk about provocability. I’ll be honest, that’s a hard skill to master, especially when it’s my boss that I most often get provoked at. How do you recommend I get started breaking down this internal barrier?

All Ask Christopher Avery audio MP3 replays, including this one, are archived. Download them immediately for only $10 each. You can buy the audio MP3 replay for the June Ask Christopher Avery, where I answer the above questions, directly from this blog page. Just click the button..

You can also pre-purchase the audio MP3 replay for the next call for $5 (after you submit your question). You will receive access within 48 hours after the call. Why not do what many busy people do. Submit your questions, pre-purchase, and listen at your convenience.

Register now for the next Ask Christopher Avery free live tele-training is July 8, 2008, then every first Tuesday of the month thereafter.

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