On the walk to work early in the morning, the city seems to still be asleep. The streets are empty and it’s so peaceful.

My brain is moving fast, organizing and preparing for the day ahead, before it crashes into a brick wall.

What I call a brick wall Christopher often refers to as something living in your head but not paying rent.

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know what you want and get it

How can you know what you want and get it? First, you want to understand your power of intention.

What is intention? I’ve spent the last 20 years asking that question and making distinctions I’ll share here.

Intention is setting your mind — your will — toward an outcome.  It’s a stretching or bending of the mind toward Continue reading

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Respect — we all know the word and understand the meaning behind it.

We were all taught in school or by our parents how to “be respectful.” Being respectful was weaved into our morals and expanded into our understanding of ethics.

Over the past few weeks, maybe even months, I have struggled with an on-going problem of unethical and disrespectful behavior from a handful of people, all from the same group.

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What Responsibility Is and Isn'tResponsibility is a mental process — a predictable sequential pattern that operates identically in you and me, and everyone we know of any race, gender, ethnicity, age, level of authority, status, or education.

We call it The Responsibility Process™.

It works the same in all of us. What’s different is Continue reading

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I am aware that I often respond without pausing to let what was just said really saturate my brain.

I’ve heard a lot about the concept of slowing down your thinking and always wanted to read more on the subject but could always justify why I didn’t have time.

With the constraints of work and family, my intention to read more got passed by. But the key is it that I chose to Continue reading

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The Responsibility Process™ is not a management tool. It’s a tool for self-leadership — for leading yourself wherever you want to be. And it’s the most amazing framework for learning, growth, and success I know.

Are you new to the The Responsibility Process? Let me offer a quick explanation.

Most success experts since Socrates have said that taking 100% personal responsibility is the first principle of success. They also say that the psychology of personal responsibility is about what you think, say, and do when things go wrong.

And how often do things go wrong?

When something goes wrong in your world, your mind (and mine, and the minds of everyone we each know, and every one else too) goes into a hyper-active cause-effect analysis trying to figure out Continue reading

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creating a legacyThis past weekend I sat in my grandparents’ study, flipping through the pages of my family’s history.

With every flip of the page, I went further back in time as my grandmother told me the story of each relative’s courageous journey.

Some stories were that of victory and intentions met, fleeing countries and seeking freedom in a new land, starting with nothing and building a life around a little grocery store in Cleveland.

Other stories were that of tragic loss from fleeing persecution to fighting for their country.

There was so much pride in her voice as she told me the legacy each of my family members have left behind, the stories told long after their days.

I started to wonder what  Continue reading

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We go to school to study a specific subject like journalism, Human Resources, or a medical profession for four to twelve years.

As we move through the educational system, we are rewarded with degrees, titles, and letters to place after our name.

We are deemed “knowledgeable” or “experts” in our respective fields. Yet most industries don’t stay static, so even after the accolades are won, a common practice is to continue to seek education and continuous learning.

This past week I was reminded that my career choice is no different: I am on a learning and growth journey. My intention has never been to reach a destination and stop.

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to be successfulResponsibility is beyond right and wrong. It’s beyond policies and even beyond what many organizations would consider organizational ethics.

Ethics in organizations are considered rules. Right and wrong, you should do this, you shouldn’t do this.

And Responsibility is about Continue reading

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being responsible as a teamSometimes The Most Responsible Response Is No Response

When facing a problem, it isn’t always pretty. Things can get heated, voices can rise, and fear rears its ugly head. This results in defensive responses.

I have observed this taking place both at home and at work. In writing those words it hit me that the common factor is me. I started to wonder how I contribute to these outcomes.

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